Strieborný člen

Yaro Leto

hudobník, spevák, skladateľ

Umeleckým menom Yaro Leto je silne charizmatický spevak s  pestrou hudobnou a životnou históriou. Skôr, ako sa stal Yaro  klasickým sochárom, moderným maliarom, vodičom nákladných vozidiel, kuchárom, herecom a vášnivým spevákom, bol Yaro označený aj za „slovenského Leonarda Cohena“.

Ak sa chcete dozvedieť o Yarovi viac, začítajte sa do textu jeho piesne:



I do not know when I was born.

Maybe in the middle of the twentieth century.

Maybe I have always been here.

Maybe I do not have an ending.


I got started in Slovakia.

After that, I always had trouble getting started.


I don’t know how many brothers and sisters I have.

More than my fingers and toes.

My mother sold roses on the steps of the church.

She had Hollywood fantasies, and so

my father was a director.

Or so he said.

He also said he was going to make my mother a star.

Instead, they made me.


I had trouble getting started in the school.

My education is not formal.


I had trouble getting started in the military.

In Communist time in Slovakia,

I went to prison to for something I did not do.

I shit to my pants to be crazy in their eyes.

They let me go.


But I was on the black list. I could not work.

So I went to America.

I did not speak English.

So, I walked.

And I walked and I walked and I walked.

Finally, somebody gave me job to drive a truck.

I had driver’s license in nineteen states.

I lost them all.


I lost everything.

I should not even be here.

But I am.

I am here because of my angels.


My angels are the feathers

that fall from God’s broom.


You are my angels.


I am an artist.

I am a sculptor.

I am a painter.

I am a cook.

I am an actor.

I am a singer.


I am your friend.

I am Yaro.

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