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Michal Hudák

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moderator, entertainer, actor, singer

In the long term, one of the most favourite personalities of Slovak television and at the same time the most famous moderator voice. At any circumstances he is a perfect example of a modern and successful man, always in the top rankings of the most successful Slovak show business personalities.

Michal Hudák is the best choice, whether you are hosting a formal event, or you want you treat your guests to proper entertainment. You will have no luck finding a more all-round moderator. Perhaps there is no one in Slovakia, who would not know a character of Miki Hric, from television series “Profesionáli”, portrayed by the phenomenal Michal Hudák.

If you want to surprise your audience, best believe that hearing Michal Hudák sign live is an unrepeatable experience. Definitely not everyone can claim to have experienced it.

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